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Student representative application: Student representative to the FSHS Eastern Region Board

Fri 21 May 2021 12:36:00 PM EEST

Students of Universities of Applied sciences joined the services of FSHS (Finnish Student Health Service) as of 1 January 2021, when the law on student healthcare came into force. With the reform, the FSHS replaced the former boards of health service units with regional boards. FSHS's eastern service area includes Central Finland, Northern Savo, Northern Karelia and Southern Savo.

The Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland applies for one (1) student representative to the Eastern Region Board for the term 2021-2022.

The regional board includes chairman and a vice-chairman and min. six and max. eight other members.The Board may have more members in accordance with the decision of the Board of the Foundation. At least two and at most four of the members must represent the student unions of universities and universities of Applied Sciences belonging to the area of operation of the area, as well as the staff area. Of the student unions, ISYY appoints one representative to the board and JYY appoints one.

According to the FSHS rules ” The task of the board is to monitor the activities of the area and changes in the operating environment, as well as to study community work and health promotion activities in the area. The Board discusses the reduction and increase of service points in the area, as well as other matters that have a material effect on the area's operations. The board cooperates with universities, colleges, student unions, public health care in the area and other parties involved in student health care within the area of operation.

The Board has the right to make proposals to the Board of the Foundation regarding the activities of the region and its development, as well as to appoint its representatives to the Board meeting when it is considering the proposal of the Board.

A member of the Board has the right to bring issues related to the service area to the Board meeting for discussion.'

The Board of Directors also handles other matters referred to it by the Board of Directors, the President and CEO or the Regional Director. ”

An eligible member of the FSHS Regional Board is any member of the Student Union who has paid his or her membership fee on time and registered for the current semester. Experience with student well-being and student health care are considered an advantage for the applicant. The person to be elected is decided by the Board of the Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland.

Reasoned applications with any CVs must be sent by Thursday 3.6.2021 by 12.00 to the student union's education and social policy expert Mikko Aaltonen to

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Expert, Education and Social Policy Mikko Aaltonen, 044-576 8414