The aim of ISYY Sections is to improve student life, both on and off campus. The Sections make proposals and prepare statements for the Executive Board and the Campus Boards, the purpose of which is to highlight the important issues related to different areas of student life.

The Section for Student Organisations

The purpose of the Section for Student Organisations on each campus is to regularly gather together the Chairpersons of each Student Organisation. These meetings are beneficial for the flow of information between ISYY and Student Organisations, and they help to build bridges across different disciplines.

If you would like to get involved in the Section for Student Organisations, you are advised to join the board of your own Student Organisation.

The Section for Advocacy

The Section for Advocacy meets once a month and offers a platform for action and discussion for anyone interested in social policy and academic affairs.

The meetings focus on current affairs in the field of education and academia, both locally and nationally,  as well as issues related to student well-being, financial aid and the quality of the teaching offered by the University.

The Section for Recreation

The Section for Recreation brings together representatives from Student Organisations and the Chairpersons of ISYY Clubs, and aims to strengthen the cooperation between them.  

The Section plans, executes and improves recreational events and activities on the campuses, together with Student Organisations and Clubs.

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