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Call for Applicants: ISYY Section Chairpersons for 2020 in Kuopio

The Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland (ISYY) is searching for two Section Chairpersons for 2020. Chairperson positions are open for the Section for Recreation in Kuopio and the Section for Advocacy in Kuopio.

Section Chairpersons are members of Kuopio Campus Board, which carry out ISYY’s local operations. Members of the Campus Boards attend Campus Board meetings and help organise ISYY events (e.g. Vappu, the Campus Happening, the Independence Day Torch Parade).

A small fee is paid for the job. New appointees receive training for their tasks from ISYY.

A Section Chairperson is responsible for the operations and organisation of the Section. A Chairperson’s main task is organising and leading meetings. No prior work experience in Student Organisations or Clubs is required of Chairperson candidates.

If you are interested in a certain position, please send your free-form application by email (contact information below). 

More detailed information on the Sections below.

The Section for Recreation

The task of the Section for Recreation is to gather together representatives of the Student Organisations and Chairpersons of the Clubs for closer co-operation. In co-operation with the Student Organisations and the Clubs, the Section plans, develops and organises recreational activities on both campuses.

The Section acts as a link and a communications channel between ISYY, the Student Organisations and the Clubs. Members of the Section include Club Chairpersons and Vice Chairpersons, and representatives of the Student Organisations. In addition, all ISYY members can become members of the Section by attending two consecutive meetings.

The Section’s meetings are open for everyone.

The Section for Advocacy

The Section for Advocacy gathers together Student Organisations, Student Representatives in administration, and all students interested in advocacy work and the well-being of students.

The Section for Advocacy acts as an advocacy communications channel between ISYY and the Student Organisations, acts a safety net for ISYY members, organises events that promote advocacy work and student well-being, and develops co-operation.

The Section’s meetings are open to all ISYY members and invited guests.

Application Procedure

Please deliver your free-form application by email at Aino Peltonen, kampuspj.kuopio@isyy.fi, by 16:00, 27 January 2020. 

Read More:

Isyy.fi: Become a Section Member

More Information:

Aino Peltonen, Chairperson of the Executive Board, the Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland (ISYY), tel. 044 576 8404, kampuspj.kuopio@isyy.fi