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Answer the questionnaire about the future of ISYY's wellbeing and communality work, and you may win a 50 € gift card for S Group!

UEF and ISYY's BRIDGES project ends in December 2023. The aim of the project has been promoting student wellbeing and communality at the University of Eastern Finland. The project started in 2021 by asking students' needs and planning activities according to these needs.

During the project, ISYY has offered:

  • recreational events and activities, which have been free of charge, non-alcoholic and interdisciplinary (breakfasts, movie nights, coffee & friends, day trips, sports events, food courses, cooperation with ISYY clubs, etc.).
  • Hobby Buddy service for finding new friends
  • information on maintaining and promoting wellbeing and mental health (theme weeks and days, ISYY's blog)

With the questionnaire we want to know what kind of wishes and needs students have for ISYY's wellbeing and communality work in the future. The questionnaire is open to all students, whether you have participated in project's acitivities or not. Every response is valuable data for how we at ISYY will continue out wellbeing and communality promoting work.

The questionnaire is open between 16.-30.5.2023. It will take about 5-10 minutes to complete the questionnaire, be sure to submit your answers at the end. Answering is anonymous, but if you would like to enter the raffle for a S Group's 50 € gift card, you can leave your contact details at the end of the form. Your contact details will not be linked to the questionnaire's answers. A total of six (6) gift cards will be raffled and the winners of the raffle will be contacted personally.

Link to the questionnaire

Docs.google.com/forms, opens in a new tab: Kysely ISYYn hyvinvointi- ja yhteisöllisyys työn jatkosta / Questionnaire for continuation of ISYY's wellbeing and communality work

More information:

Riina Pääkkönen, The BRIDGES Project Coordinator, riina.paakkonen(at)isyy.fi, tel. + 358 44 491 6529