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UEF Informs: Bridges -Project Supports Students Wellbeing

Published on University of Eastern Finland`s website on the 17th of March 2021.

The Ministry of Education and Culture has awarded the university a special grant for 2021 and 2022 to take the measures necessitated by the coronavirus epidemic to reinforce support for student counselling and student wellbeing.

The two-year Bridges -project aims to take action to strengthen the engagement and inclusion of students and prevent exclusion. The project will realise the digitalisation of student advice services/psychosocial support and support subject and peer tutoring by promoting collaboration between actors. The project supports the studying capacity and inclusion of students, and promotes wellbeing through peer activities, community support actions and activities.

The project involves several actors and smaller sub-projects.

1. ISYY Student Union / Easy-to-access support and advice for students on day-to-day studies, preparing for working life, maintaining studying capacity, and coping. Contact person: Sanna Heinonen, Secretary General (email: paasihteeri@isyy.fi).

2. Student sports services / Sykettä, Joensuu / Small group, active everyday activity for students suffering loneliness and for students facing challenges in everyday life management. Contact person: Heli Aalto, University Sports Coordinator (email: liikuntasuunnittelija@isyy.fi).

3. Student sports services / Sykettä, Kuopio / The gentle start group offers health and wellbeing promotion services for students with the aim of reducing the feeling of loneliness and receiving peer support in small groups, boosting a sense of community by providing easy-to-access services, and motivating students to look after their own wellbeing and develop their social skills. Contact person: Sirpa Risto, University Sports Coordinator (email: liikuntasuunnittelija.kuopio@isyy.fi).

4. Student and Learning Services, international mobility services / International students in these exceptional circumstances, support activities. Contact person: Anna Jetsu, International Affairs Coordinator (email: anna.jetsu@uef.fi).

5. Student and Learning Services, counselling and wellbeing services / Implementation of an easy-to-access digital contact point for students (TUUDO mobile app), as well as training and support to boost studying and wellbeing skills, activities and support measures to foster a sense of community, strengthening peer tutoring, and support measures related to tutor training. Contact person: Tuija Pasanen, Head of Student Services (email: tuija.pasanen@uef.fi)

6. School of Applied Educational Science and Teacher Education / Better cooperation in the joint activities of peer tutors and teacher tutors (pilot: developing the tutoring programme in UEF’s teacher education). Contact person: Ville Tahvanainen, University Teacher (email: ville.tahvanainen@uef.fi)

UEF actions in support of the Bridges project:

7. School of Educational Science and Psychology, career counselling / Initial counselling survey 2021 for new students and second-year students in autumn 2021. Contact person: Toni Kosonen, Project Researcher (email: toni.kosonen@uef.fi).

8. Language centre support courses for students (writing support groups: General Issues course, Bachelor and Master, as well as spoken interaction). Contact person: Lauri Tolkki, Language Centre Director (email: lauri.tolkki@uef.fi).

9. Sporting activities to support peer tutoring (depending on the coronavirus pandemic in autumn 2021). Contact person: Tuija Pasanen, Head of Student Services, Student and Learning Services (email: tuija.pasanen@uef.fi).

The progress of the project will be communicated in the university and ISYY channels, and the people responsible for implementing parts of the project will communicate their progress in their own channels.

More Information: 

Tuija Pasanen, opiskelijapalvelun päällikkö, Itä-Suomen yliopisto, p. 044 7162 145, tuija.pasanen@uef.fi