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Echo ry's Murder Mystery 2019

24.04.2019 - 24.04.2019 |Joensuu

The British PM has been murdered! The body was found in the White House, but the police suspects that it has been moved. The police is asking the public for help.

Echo ry organizes The Murder Mystery for the 5th time this year, as a part of the events week before May Day. So gather a team of 4-6 participants, and mark up 24.4. to your calendars for some super fun mystery solving! The event is based on completing tasks all over town in order to win over clues from people who have information about the murder. When the tasks to gain clues are done, all the teams have a chance to guess who is the murderer, what was the murder weapon, and where the murder happened. The team that guesses correctly wins. In the absence of a correct answer the team that guesses the closest wins.

Sign-up starts 8.4.2019 at 12 noon and the link will be posted in the Facebook event.