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ISYY's Advance Voting Happening in Joensuu

03.04.2019 - 03.04.2019 |Joensuu

The parliamentary elections are coming!

In the last parliamentary elections, voter turnout among students was low. We are going to change that in these elections! The elections are a good way to influence the course of Finnish politics in the next four years. By voting, we can influence the decisions made regarding e.g. education, social security and the climate.

Let’s all go vote in advance together on the first day of advance voting on 3 April 2019 at Joensuu Main Library.

We leave from Carelia at 2 pm so be there on time, coffee and tea are served in front of Carelia before we leave. We recommend you bring your own ecocup. Everyone who votes will receive ISYY’s wonderful Vote overall badge!

#koulutustaprkl #vaalit2019

WHAT: advance voting together

WHERE: In front of Carelia/Joensuu Main Library

WHEN: 2 pm, 3 April

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