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ISYY's Hanging-out Night at Suvas (23.9. at 6 pm)

23.09.2019 - 23.09.2019 |Joensuu

Welcome to Fall's first hanging-out night! You will have a wonderful chance to meet both Finnish and international students. Relax in the sauna, meet new people and play boardgames. There will be some snacks for you to enjoy, but if you want to bring your own food, feel free to do so!

Womens sauna turn starting 18:30.
Mens sauna turn starts 19:30.
Mixed sauna turn starts 20:30.

Hanging-out night is alcohol free and free of charge event, and an excellent occasion to get to know new people.

How to find Suvas? Check out the instructions from ISYY's website

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