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Language Café Leader Training

23.01.2024 - 23.01.2024 |Kaikki

In a Language Café, your peers and friends are your teachers and at the same time, they can be your students. When participating in Language Café activities, you can also earn ECTS credits by either attending (1 ECTS) or organising a Language Café (2 ECTS) and by submitting a few small assignments to Moodle.

If you are interested in organising a Language Café, fill in the Google Forms linked below and let us know which languages you would be interested in teaching! You can sign up in Google Forms until Monday 22 January 3 pm.

Leader Training is on Tuesday 23 September at 9 am on Google Meet so see you there! (We will send the link to the leader training via email to those who filled in the Google Forms.) Note that participating in the leader training does not bind you to anything! You can just attend the training and decide after that whether you want to become a leader or not.

Read more:

Docs.google.fi, opens in a new tab: Google Forms sign-up sheet for leaders

Isyy.fi, opens in a new tab: Language Cafés