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Retikka's Karelian Pie class

04.04.2019 - 04.04.2019 |Kuopio

Retikka organizes an international Karelian pie cooking class on 4th April beginning from 2 pm at CA401 (teaching kitchen). If you can’t make it right on time, you can join us later.

There will be guiding how to bake the pies and then we’ll bake them together. This is an awesome opportunity to meet and get to know other nutrition and exchange students, and also to learn the right crinkle technique, of course. Beside classic Karelian pies, there will be ones flavored with carrot and beetroot, too. When the pies are ready, we’ll enjoy them with egg butter.

The event costs only 2 euros, the instructions of the payment will be sent through email. Enroll by 1st April through this form.There isn’t any maximum turnout, hopefully as many as possible would get there and join us!

Some of the pies will be vegan, please mark that down in the enrollment form, if you want them vegan. (Unfortunately, there will not be gluten-free ones.)

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