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Savo-Karjala Excursion 2024 Joensuu

29.04.2024 - 29.04.2024 |Joensuu

Savo-Karjala Excursion is one of the most famous and popular May Day celebration traditions of the Student Union (ISYY). The first Savo-Karjala Excursion was organized in 1990. During the Savo-Karjala Excursion, students circle around Eastern Finland (North Savo and North Karelia regions) on buses on a predetermined route, which will remain a secret until the buses start their journey, and enjoy refreshments in different bars and restaurants along the way. The buses will stop at different locations giving students a chance to enjoy some refreshments and at one location food (the refreshments/food are not included in the price of the tour). 

The buses will stop at different locations giving students a chance to enjoy some refreshments and at some locations also food. The stops during the Excursion last around 30-40 minutes each and there is one longer stop in the middle of the trip so that participants can eat. The whole event lasts for approximately nine (9) hours after which there is an official afterparty. The price of the ticket includes the official overall badge of the event, the bus trip and the afterparty. You can get to the after-party by showing the event's overall badge!

Tickets and registration

Ticket sale starts on Thursday 4 April at 11 am at Kide.app and ISYY office. Ticket price is 20 €. There is a limit of two tickets per bus/person so you can register yourself and one friend. The tickets cannot be returned, but tickets bought in Kide.app can be sent to another user.

All tickets are sold per bus and the bus departure times are listed below. At the departure time, you must be in front of Carelia no later than 10 minutes before the departure time of your own bus.Buses don't wait for latecomers.

Busses and departure times:

Bus 1 - Departure time at 11.00 am. Bus executives: Oona Piirainen & Joonas Mäkelä (Kassos)
Bus 2 - Departure time at 11.30 am. Bus executives: Silja Siltovuori & Riikka Iivanainen (Täky)
Bus 3 (International Bus) - Departure time at 12.00 pm. Bus executives: Suvi Pyykönen & Jemina Klemetti (JEIS)
Bus 4 - Departure time at 12.30 pm. Bus executives: Aino Rovio & Sara Lahti (Mikrovillus)
Bus 5 - Departure time at 01.00 pm. OPTIMI-bus (tickets for this bus are sold through Optimi)

International Bus

This year, there is a special bus organized by the Joensuu's Exchange and International Students (JEIS), and it's called the International Bus. The main language spoken on this bus is English. The International Bus is open to all international students and also to local students who are interested in getting to know people from different countries.

Meal Tickets

For eating together on the Excursion, you need a meal ticket. You can buy meal tickets at the ISYY office or on kide.app. You can't pay your meal at the restaurant directly, so remember to purchase your meal ticket before you come to eat. Cheaper tickets are on sale from Thursday 4 April to Sunday 14 April and they cost 10€. After that the meal tickets cost 12€ and you can buy tickets until the evening of the trip. This year, we're having a buffet with home-cooked food.  All special dietary needs will be taken into consideration for those who buy the meal ticket either at the ISYY office or from Kide.app by Sunday 14 April. You can still buy a meal ticket on the day of the trip, but we recommend getting it by Sunday 14 April to make sure there will be enough food.

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More information:

Eveliina Scharin, Community Coordinator, Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland (ISYY), yk(at)isyy.fi, tel. +358 44 491 6529