What's on


FSHS opening hours in summer

The Joensuu FSHS (Finnish Student Health Service) unit will be closed on 1.–31.7.2015. The Kuopio unit will be closed on 6.–31.7.2015. NB! On Tuesday 2.6. the Kuopio unit will open...


Kuopio: Self-study facility Karsina in Melania will go out of use

Kuopio campus self-study facility Karsina in Melania will go out of use at the end of May. New self-study facility will be located in Kukkola and it will be ready...


Information for those exchange students who are leaving Kuopio

Here you can find some practical things that you should take care of before leaving. Please read this information carefully. Things to do at the international mobility service office (Oppari, Canthia building)...


The Student Union’s campus offices are closed during summer

The Joensuu campus office will be closed during summer on 17.6.–2.8.2015. The Kuopio campus office will be closed during summer on 15.6.–2.8.2015. The Savonlinna campus office will be closed during...


Kuopio: Anticipate the change in local bus system by the end of May

Local bus transportation in Kuopio is changing its ticket and payment system to nationally used Waltti. The new Waltti card will come to the sales in the beginning of June....


Kuopio’s band training shifts for summer 2015 can be applied for now

The training shifts for bands are max. 2 h/week. They can be applied for weekdays (Mon–Fri) from 8 am to 9.30 pm. Shifts start on 1.6.2015 and last until 30.8.2015....


Kilometrikisa cycling challenge is here again!

Kilometrikisa, a lighthearted, free competition for teams that is open for every workplaces, departments, associations, clubs or any other teams, aims to encourage bicycle commuting and promote everyday cycling. Kilometrikisa took...


ISYY’s campus offices opening hours in May

The Student Union’s (ISYY) campus offices will be closed on 14.–15.5. ISYY’s Kuopio and Joensuu office are open on Wed 13.5.  from 10 am to 3 pm.


Please share your views about ISYY English language communications

We would like to hear your views about the Student Union (ISYY) English language communications: How well have we succeeded? What could we do better? Please take a couple of...


Summer studies

The University of Eastern Finland has no official summer semester, but during the summer months you can write essays or thesis or take exams, and also follow online lectures and...