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YUFE Alliance Aims to Build the First European University That is Open to Anyone

YUFE is a new European university alliance with 10 young universities coming together to create an open and inclusive international university experience for both students and staff. The YUFE will enable prospective students to compile their curricula, choosing from programmes offered at each of the ten YUFE universities. 

During this autumn, The Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland (ISYY) has elected three YUFE Student Representatives to represent students of University of Eastern Finland in YUFE-alliance. YUFE Student Representatives collaborate with the Student Union's International Affairs sector to ensure that the student perspective is always taken into account in YUFE decision-making. 

Last October, YUFE Student Representatives Ronja Mäkinen and Arla Paananen participated in their first YUFE meeting in Cypros. 

– YUFE has a Student Forum, for which we elected a board and we got to know YUFE closer. In the YUFE Student Forum we look after students’ interests. The Forum holds 3-5 meetings a year, tells Paananen.

YUFE has eight different work groups. Paananen will work on the group of YUFE in our Cities, which is led by University of Eastern Finland. Mäkinen will work with the group of Diversity and Inclusivity which aims to ensure that everyone feel welcome and safe at YUFE. The third Student Representative will be working in Quality Plan -group.

Mäkinen participated in Diversity and Inclusivity -group meeting in the end of November.

– In the meeting we focused on creating the strategy for inclusivity and diversity. We shared how diversity and inclusivity is taken into account in our home Universities. We discussed also how different universities' practises could be formed into one Diversity and inclusivity -strategy. 

The YUFE Student Forum meets in Brussels or in the home cities of the member universities. Student Representatives' tasks also include giving speeches and presentations, working in small groups, producing material and attending negotiations.

Maastricht University is the coordinator of YUFE-alliance. The YUFE-universities will cooperate also with other private and public sector organisations. 

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More information:

Kristiina Väänänen, Coordinator of International Academic Affairs, YUFE-Coordinator, University of Eastern Finland, kristiina.vaananen(at)uef.fi, tel. 050 409 0735

Ronja Mäkinen YUFE Student Representative, ronjam(at)student.uef.fi

Arla Paananen, YUFE Student Representative, arlap(at)student.uef.fi