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Application Announcement: 2 Doctoral Students in the Research Committee of Ethics

ISYY is searching for two doctoral students for the Research Committee of Ethics. The Research Committee of Ethics is a Committee set by the UEF rector.

The tasks of the UEF Research Committee of Ethics shall be to:

  • evaluate the ethicality of non-medical research projects conducted on humans and issue statements pertaining to them,
  • evaluate the ethicality of also other research projects when necessary, unless this evaluation has been assigned to some other party by law,
  • promote training pertaining to research ethics and issue guidelines relating to research ethics at the university,
  • act as an expert organ in problematic situations relating to research ethics encountered at the university,
  • maintain discussion relating to research ethics at the university,
  • monitor and participate in the preparation of national guidelines on research ethics and ensure adherence to these guidelines at the University of Eastern Finland.

Further information about the Research Committee of Ethics can be found via the link below. 

Eligible to applying is a person who has a right to proceed Doctoral or Licentiate in UEF and has registered in the University.

Applications with grounds shall be sent to specialist Mikko Aaltonen to address koso@isyy.fi by 22th of October 12.00 noon. 

Read More:

Uef.fi, opens in new tab: Research Ethics

More Information: 

Mikko Aaltonen, the Specialist of Academic and Social Affairs, tel. 044 576 8414, koso(at)isyy.fi

Mika Saikkonen, the Research Committee of Ethics Secretary, UEF, tel. 050 346 8118, mika.saikkonen(at)uef.fi