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Instructions for people attending the ISYY Representative Council Elections Panel Discussions

ISYY will hold a Panel Discussion for the Representative Council Election candidates in Joensuu on Monday the 25th of October in Carelia lobby at 2 pm and in Kuopio on Tuesday the 26th of October in Snellmania lobby at 2 pm. The panel will be streamed to ISYY’s Youtube channel.

During the panel discussion, candidates will answer questions concerning different themes either in Finnish or English. Also, the audience can ask their questions during the event. Additionally, you can send your questions beforehand via the Google Forms which is linked below.

Come to the panel discussion and learn more about the candidates - because you decide who decides. Coffee and sweets will be served and you can get an overall badge if you come and listen!

Instructions for Candidate Lists' Spokespersons and candidates attending the panel discussions

The Candidate List must register their representative to the panel discussion by the 24th of October. Spokespersons for the Candidate Lists will sign up the candidates to the panel discussions via a Google Form that has been sent to them via email. The Spokespersons must inform us if there will not be a representative from their list.

The Candidate Lists can send one candidate per panel discussion to represent their list. The same candidate cannot represent the list in both panels so the list can send one candidate to Kuopio’s panel discussion and a different candidate to Joensuu’s panel discussion.

A total of 2 hours per campus has been reserved for the panel discussion and for all the arrangement, but the panel itself will be approximately 1.5 hours. The attendees of the panel are asked to arrive to the lobby at 13:45.

Some of the questions are straight from SYL’s voting aid and some are local questions about ISYY. Part of the questions will be asked in English and we hope that you prepare yourself to answer also in English. The Candidate Lists' Spokespersons will receive a list of the questions during this week. Of course if you cannot speak Finnish, all of the questions will be asked in English and you can answer in English.

Keep in mind while you are attending the panel discussion:

  • We do not always have the same opinions, but we can still appreciate each other.
  • Listen to others and their answers, do not interrupt.
  • We are different (sex, identity, how we look, etc.) but everyone is valuable.
  • With our actions or speeches we don’t want to offend others.
  • In the panels, there will be face masks and hand sanitizers provided by ISYY. Please attend the panel only if you are healthy.

Read more:

Google.docs.com, opens in a new tab: Questions for the Candidates

Youtube.com, opens in a new tab: ISYY's YouTube channel

More information:

Elina Pitkänen, Coordinator of International Affairs and Administration, the Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland (ISYY), kv.kuopio(at)isyy.fi, tel. +358 44 576 8413