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Open call to ISYY’s international team

Do you want to be promoting a more inclusive and international student community? Would you like to be involved in planning events and supporting the future opportunities of our international students in the Finnish labor market, as well as improving the internationalisation of our local students at home? If this matches your vision of the future direction of the Student Union, university, and campus cities, this team is for you! Previous experience of working in a student union is not required, but English language skills are considered an advantage.

ISYY is searching for approximately 3 team members from both campuses, who can then gather around themselves a larger group of collaborators to plan and carry out the activities and events of the team. One team leader is also chosen from amongst the members. You can note whether you would be available as the team leader in the application. The team will be active from September to December 2021.

ISYY’s international sector is planning events to support the employment of our international students in Finland and in our campus cities. Our aim is also to help student organisations reach out to their subject’s international students, involve them in their own events and thereby enable them to form international friendships.

The possibility of receiving course credits for operating in the team is being discussed with the university. (A member of the team is able to apply for credits from ISYY in the spring semester 2022 for the work they have done.) At the end of the year, all team members will be invited for a joint hangout and thank you -event.

ISYY Executive Board member Jenni Kortelainen will act as a contact person for the team during the team’s term.

Applications must be submitted by 12.9.2021 via the form below:

Docs.google.com, opens in a new tab: Application form

What team?

The Student Union has made some changes to our operations in 2021. With new organisational changes, ISYY will no longer have sections from 1.4.2021 onwards and instead will have teams. The teams offer a chance to participate in the Student Union’s activities in practice without long-term active commitment. Any ISYY member may apply to and be involved in ISYY teams. Previous experience with the Student Union is not required. As a team member, you will be able to both design and organise Student Union activities as well as contribute to the wellbeing and common good of all students. The purpose of the teams is to also increase the amount of visible Student Union activities on campuses.

More information:

Jenni Kortelainen, Member of the Executive Board, international affairs, jenni.kortelainen(at)isyy.fi, tel. +358 44 576 8408