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Remember to Enroll for the Academic Year and Pay the Student Union Membership Fee

Remember to register as being present for the academic year 2021–2022 or for the autumn semester 2021 no later than September 15th 2021. 

When you register in WebOodi or Oili, all Degree students also pay the Student Union membership fee, which gives you access to ISYY's own services, such as, leisure and interest advocacy services, student discounts e.g. in public transports and restaurants all across Finland, as well as online.

Remember also to pay the FSHS fee to Kela. Degree students can use the services provided by FSHS (the general, mental and oral health care services) as usual after paying Kela.

For postgraduate student, joining ISYY is optional. However, please note that postgraduate students are not entitled to subsidised student meals, discounts on public transport or the services provided by Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS).

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