Survival Package Joensuu


Bed sheet, pillow case, duvet cover, kitchen towel, bath towel, plate, bowl/soup plate, 2 glasses, 2 mugs, 2 forks, 2 knives, 2 table spoons, 2 tea spoons, 1 wooden/plastic spatula, frying pan and saucepan. The package also contains dish soap, sponge and toilet paper.


The rental fee of the Survival Package is 52 € which includes the deposit of 30 €. Once the package is returned to the Student Union (ISYY) clean and complete, the deposit of 30 € will be returned to the student. If the box itself or some items are broken, missing or dirty when returning the package, a fee will be deducted from your deposit.


NB! Unfortunately, all available survival packages in Joensuu have been booked already! You can still send an email to kv.joensuu(at) and you will be added to a waiting list.

There are a limited number of Survival Packages available and they are available only to exchange students who are members of the Student Union (ISYY). You can reserve a survival package by sending an email to the Coordinator of International Affairs (kv.joensuu(at) with the title ‘Survival Package Reservation’ in the subject field and your information in the text field (your name etc.). Everyone should make their reservation personally. We will then send you instructions how to secure your reservation, the rental agreement form and the instructions how to pay and the account details for the survival package rental fee payment. Once you have followed the instructions we will confirm your reservation by email.

Collecting the package during COVID-19

We recommend that your tutor will pick up the survival package from the Student Union’s (ISYY) office. If you wish for your tutor to collect your package, you must pre-arrange this with him/her. The tutors are not obligated to do this and not all tutors are able to provide this service.

If your tutor cannot help you picking up the package, you can reserve a time slot for a safe pick-up from our office via email (kv.joensuu(at) If you come to our office, we recommend you to wear a mask, use hand sanitizer and keep a safe distance of 2 metres to others.

Additional items

The ISYY office in Joensuu sells second-hand kitchenware, plates, mugs, pots etc. if you feel like there are not enough items in your survival package and you need more. The price of the items is very affordable; every item is 50 cents or you can buy three (3) items for 1€. You can pay by cash or card, but the smallest amount you can pay by card is 1€. Also, please note that the biggest banknote we accept at our offices is 50€. You can buy items during our office hours.

Read More: ISYY offices contact information and opening hours