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Apply for an Internationalisation Grant for Your Student Association or ISYY Club for the year 2023!

ISYY is giving out grants for student associations, campus organisations and clubs for international activities in 2023! The grant is for the promotion of events and projects that further internationalisation and are organised in 2023. Examples of such projects can be new means that include international students in student associations, language exchange or how to get international and Finnish students to interact more. Be creative! We prefer to give the grant to projects that focus on long-term goals and promotion of internationalisation among the student body.

The project must include at least 3 of the requirements mentioned below in addition to promoting internationalisation:

  • repeatable and reproducible by other associations and clubs
  • sustainable long-term
  • environmentally friendly
  • innovative and creative
  • take both degree students and exchange students into account.
  • interdisciplinary and cooperative activities between different associations and club.

Two best applications will receive a grant of 400 €. ISYY reserves the right to not grant all or any of the applications if ISYY does not receive acceptable enough applications.

Associations or clubs that have received the grant for their development project for international activity are required to file a report to ISYY evaluating the activity’s success. The report has to be sent to ISYY by the beginning of December. ISYY will give instructions and  a report model based on which the association or club can write their own report. Activity plans and reports will be published on ISYY’s website, where they are available as models and framework for other associations or clubs to use.

The grants are given in early March. If the whole grant is not used during the year 2023, the rest of the money has to be returned to ISYY. In addition to the report, the receiver of the grant must give ISYY a copy of the receipts of all the purchases made for the project.

Application period is from February 1st till March 1st. Applications must be left online via the application form (link below). The application form closes on Wednesday 1.3.2023 at 23:59. Applications are reviewed from March 2nd onwards.

A project plan with the estimate of expenses must be attached to your application. All the attachments must be sent by email according to campus to kv.kuopio(at)isyy.fi (KUOPIO) OR kv.joensuu(at)isyy.fi (JOENSUU). Title your email as follows: ‘Internationalisation grant attachments *student association name/club name*’. The attachments should be named as follows: ‘Internatioanlisation grant_attachment_NameoftheOrganization’. The attachments have to be sent during the application period and late applications will not be processed.

NB! This is a separate grant from ISYY’s general and activity grants! This grant is meant only for projects that further internationalisation.

Application form: Docs.google.com, opens in a new tab: Application form for the international development project

More Information:

Elina Pitkänen, Coordinator of International Affairs and Administration, Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland (ISYY), kv.kuopio(at)isyy.fi, tel. + 358 44 576 8413

Salla Haapavaara, Coordinator of International Affairs, Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland (ISYY), kv.joensuu(at)isyy.fi, tel. +358 44 576 8456