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Apply to ISYY’s Annual Celebration team by 27.11.2023!

Do you love Annual Celebrations? Do you want to be involved in implementing ISYY's traditions or even developing something completely new? If organising events is your thing and you want to be involved in making ISYY's 2024 Annual Celebration, this team is for you! Previous experience with ISYY is not required.

We are searching for about 3 to 5 motivated members for the team, who can also gather around them a larger group of people to plan and implement the activities. The term of office of the team is 7.12.2023–31.3.2024.

The annual jubilee team is expected to organise certain traditions, but there is also room for new ideas.

ISYY’s Annual Celebration Coordinator will act as a contact person for the team during the whole term and is also responsible for organising the event.

Leave your application for the team

You can apply for the team by filling the form linked below by 27.11.2023.

Google Forms, opens in a new tab: Team application form

What team?

The teams offer a chance to participate in the Student Union’s activities in practice without long-term active commitment. Any ISYY member may apply to and be involved in ISYY teams. Previous experience with the Student Union is not required. As a team member, you will be able to both design and organise Student Union activities as well as contribute to the wellbeing and common good of all students. The purpose of the teams is to also increase the amount of visible Student Union activities on campuses.

More information:

Julia Lautala, hallituksen varapuheenjohtaja, Itä-Suomen yliopiston ylioppilaskunta (ISYY), julia.lautala(at)isyy.fi, p. 044 576 8404