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Continous application for a Club Grant


A club grant is a grant that ISYY may grant to its clubs to support project-based activities or to enable purchases. As a grant, you can apply for financial support or one extra free use of ISYY's rental premises once per calendar year, which a paying customer cannot override. You can apply for a club grant for one-off activities, pilot projects or purchases. You can apply for a club grant for example for a publication or an event.

Grounds and Limitations

The project or purchase must promote at least one of the following among ISYY's members: sobriety, healthy lifestyles, work-life skills, interdisciplinarity or internationalisation at home. In addition, projects require promotion of Fair Trade products or other consideration of environmental friendliness. The project must also comply with ISYY's equality plan.

No grant will be awarded for continuing operations. A project or purchase that occurs repeatedly in the activities of the club is considered a continuous activity.

When evaluating the grant application, the amount of the grant applied for is taken into account in relation to the size of the target group. Grants will not be awarded for projects where more than € 100 per individual participant is spent of the total amount of funding - excluding participation fees - provided by ISYY, the organising body and any other funding.

The maximum amount of a grant that can be given to a club is equal to the amount applied for in the grant application.

The maximum amount of the grant is determined by the following formula:
x * y * 5e
x = how many grant criteria the grant meets (maximum of three will be taken into account)
y = estimated number of participants

The organiser is required to give ISYY visibility during the implementation of the project. The application must state how this would be achieved in the project.


Club grant applications must be submitted to ISYY by using an electronic form of continuous applications. A project plan and a project budget must be delivered with the application.

The attachments are to be sent by email to the Specialist of Organisational Affairs (jarjestoasiantuntija(at)isyy.fi) in Kuopio and in Joensuu to the Membership Service Specialist (toimisto.joensuu(at)isyy.fi). The email should be titled as “Club grant application attachments * club * * application date in the format ddmm * (e.g. Club grant application attachments Board Game Club 2907) and attachments should be titled as “ Club grant application_appers_club_ddmm” (e.g.Club grant application attachments_Board Game Club_2907)

A club cannot submit more than one application at a time. An application in which the club is involved, but not as the main applicant, is not considered a pending application.

Google Forms - form, opens in a new tab: Grant application form

Grant processing times

ISYY's grant working group processes and prepares received grant applications for ISYY's Executive Board. ISYY's Executive Board decides on giving the grant.

Exceptions to Club grant application processing times:

  • applications received in June-July will be processed in August
  • applications received in December will be processed in January

Payment of the grant

The club grant given to the club is added to the club's budget. The project's monetary transactions are handled according to the same guidelines as the club's other monetary transactions. An informal club grant report must be submitted via email to the Membership Services Specialist or to the Specialist of the Organisational Affairs within one month of the completion of the project or purchase. The deadline can only be adjusted for a justified reason if the beneficiary is in contact with ISYY's office in advance. Otherwise, the grant will not be paid.

The club grant report must show that the criteria and conditions have been met during the implementation of the project. If the conditions are not met, the organiser must prove that this was due to reasons beyond the control of the organiser. In addition, the report must show that ISYY is guaranteed visibility in the project in accordance with the application or the grant conditions set by ISYY that differ from the application. If the club fails to submit the club grant report within the deadline or the criteria and conditions for giving the grant have not been met, this will be taken into account in the club's subsequent funds.

More information:

Specialist of the Organisational Affairs, the Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland, tel. +358 44 576 8419, jarjestoasiantuntija(at)isyy.fi