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Going to Annual Celebration? Get yourself the Student Union Ribbon!

Are you planning to attend the Annual Celebration of ISYY or for example a Student Association? As a member of ISYY you are entitled to wear our Student Union Ribbon. There is still plenty of time to purchase yours before ISYY’s Annual Celebration in Joensuu. Please notice the effects of the winter holiday on our office opening hours. 

The Student Union Ribbon is sold from ISYY office’s to our members. Price: 4€/meter.

The Student Union Ribbon is a symbol of our Student Union that is worn in academic celebrations. It is worn either over the right shoulder to the hip or in the left bodice, folded and sewed as shown in the picture below. 

The Student Union Ribbon is not allowed to wear together with ISYY’s Medal of Honor, Medals of Distinction or Medal of the Executive Board, or with the Ribbon of Honour or Ribbon of the Executive Board. Wearing the Student Union Ribbon the clothing must be suitable considering the celebration and the honor to wear the Ribbon. It is not appropriate that the Ribbon is worn in touch with the bare skin. 

Colours of the Student Union Ribbon are yellow, black and red. Other ribbons of our Student Union are the Ribbon of Honour and the Ribbon of the Executive Board. 

From the picture below you can see how the ribbon should be folded if worn in the left bodice. Below the picture you can also find the written instructions.

Nauhojen taitteluohje

Picture: ISYY's Ribbons. 1st the Student Union Ribbon, 2nd the Ribbon of the Executive Board and 3rd the Ribbon of Honour.

Instructions on how to fold the Student Union Ribbon: Folding the Ribbon should start in the center and back. The first layer of the Ribbon should be 90 mm wide, the second layer should be folded in a way that the first layer is shown 15 mm each end. Lastly from the very centre, the Ribbon should be folded tightly and tidy and roll around the folded Ribbon 1.5 times, so that from both sides of the vertical part, you can see 33 mm of the first two layers of the Ribbon.

NB! The Ribbon of Honour is not allowed to wear folded.