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Hey Student of Higher Education, Your Health Care Changes on 1.1.2021!

The Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS) renews their services 1.1.2021. Therefore all degree students studying at university or a university of applied sciences are eligible for FSHS healthcare services. The higher education health care fee has to be paid to Kela (The Social Insurance Institution of Finland) once per semester starting from January 2021.  

You can read more about the reform on the FSHS website. 

Yths.fi/en, opens in a new tab: FSHS 2021

How can I get health care from FSHS? 

In order to use the FSHS health care services you need to register as an attending student at UEF. You can  register in Weboodi/Oili at the beginning of each semester. 

Remember to pay the FSHS fee to Kela 

Important: You need to start paying the FSHS healthcare fee directly to Kela twice a year (once every semester). Previously the FSHS fee has been included in the ISYY membership fee. 

NB! If you have already paid the ISYY membership fee for the full academic year 2020/2021, please note that the FSHS fee was not included in the membership fee payment for the spring semester. 

Higher education students must pay the healthcare fee to Kela for the first time for the spring term 2021. You can pay the healthcare fee via Kela's e-service starting in December 2020. If the e-service does not work in your country, you can pay the fee to Kela as a bank transfer.  You can find Kela’s bank account details on Kela’s webpage linked below.

The deadline for the payment is 31.1.2021. If you fail to pay the fee before the deadline, Kela will send you a reminder and charge a fixed late-payment fee. If you do not pay the healthcare fee after the reminder, it can be deducted from your study grant payments (granted by Kela) or referred to the enforcement authority for collection. 

Yths.fi/en, opens in a new tab: How to pay the student healthcare fee in higher education

How do I contact FSHS? 

There are two nationwide phone numbers you can call when you need healthcare services. The customer service will direct you to a healthcare specialist based on your symptoms.

Dental services: p. +358 46 7101085
Other services: p. +358 46 7101073

You can also leave your phone number to the callback service so that FSHS can reach out to you later.

What’s different? 

The FSHS reform 2021 aims to provide more extensive remote services in order to guarantee the equality of services all over Finland. 

Also, in the future, gynecological services are provided by a general practitioner, but FSHS can give you a referral to a doctor who has specialised in gynecology.

You can read more about FSHS services from the link below:

Yths.fi/en, opens in a new tab: FSHS Services