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Interest Advocacy: Update concerning language policies of UEF

ISYY has actively had conversations with UEF about its language policy for several years. As of April 2022 UEF's Executive Group has updated its language policy to ensure the representation and participation of non-Finnish speakers in administrative bodies. Good work, UEF!

What is it about?

  • According to the Universities Act, the administrative language of UEF is Finnish - the university has adopted English as a second language for meetings and seminars by choice.
  • The working language is chosen on a meeting-by-meeting basis so that  participation is made possible for everyone.
  • Agendas and minutes of the University Board, University Collegiate Body and Faculty Councils can be translated when there are non-Finnish speaking members elected to the body.
  • The chair will decide how non-Finnish speaking members will be able to participate in conversations - e.g. if an interpreter is required.
  • Memos from meetings of the UEF Executive Group and Faculty Councils will also be published in English.

The student union would like to express its warm thanks to UEF for its updated language policy! The new policy is of great importance to our growingly international community, students and staff alike. The update to the language policy exemplifies the importance of discussions, development and advocacy work between the student union and the university.