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ISYY’s Savo-Karjala Excursion ticket sale begins 4.4.2023

Savo-Karjala Excursion is one of the most famous and popular May Day celebration traditions of the Student Union (ISYY). The first Savo-Karjala Excursion was organised in 1990. The event is held every year in Joensuu and Kuopio on 29th April despite the day of the week. 

During the Savo-Karjala Excursion, students circle around Eastern Finland (North Savo and North Karelia regions) on buses on a predetermined route, which will remain a secret until the buses start their journey, and enjoy refreshments in different bars and restaurants along the way. ISYY has negotiated student friendly prices to the bars and restaurants and the stops are approximately 30 minutes long. During the day we’ll have one longer stop, during which you can eat. Depending on the bus you’re registered in, the event begins somewhere around midday and ends in the evening. The route will remain as a secret until the bus starts its journey.

Joensuu event and tickets

Ticket sale starts on Tuesday 4 April at 11 am at Kide.app and ISYY office. Ticket price is 20 €. There is a limit of two tickets per bus/person so you can register yourself and one friend. Tickets are non-refundable, but you can send a purchased ticket to another user on Kide.app. More detailed info about the event in Joensuu can be found from the ISYY.fi -event page linked below.

Kide.app, opens in a new tab: Savo-Karjala Excursio 2023 Joensuu
ISYY.fi, avautuu uuteen välilehteen: Savo-Karjala Excursion 2023 Joensuu

Kuopio event and tickets

Ticket sales start on Tuesday, April 4th 8 am at ISYY office (in Studentia building, C entrance, Yliopistonranta 3). The remaining tickets, if there are any, will go on sale on Kide.app on the same day at 11:00 am. The ticket price is 20 €.

Half of the seats on the alumni bus (Bus 8) are reserved for Kide.app sales. If you are an alumnus and wish to buy the ticket from the ISYY office, please contact ISYY office (toimisto.kuopio(at)isyy.fi) and you will receive payment instructions.

There is a limit of two tickets per person so you can register yourself and one friend. You need to inform your (and your friend’s) name, phone number, e-mail address and UEF student number as you register. The tickets cannot be returned, but in Kide.app you can send it to another user.

In Kuopio, students have traditionally queued for Savo-Karjala Excursion tickets for a few hours before the ticket sale starts. KIVES (ISYY’s May Day Club) organises the official queuing for tickets on April 4th starting from the early hours of the morning and is there to supervise the queuing.

If you want your name to be on the waiting list for tickets, visit the tent outside Lukema and ask for a Board member of KIVES. Students who have reserved a place for themselves on the waiting list are expected to be there queuing the entire time after they have added their name to the list so please dress warmly. KIVES checks at random times whether the students on the list are still present and if they cannot find someone, their name will be removed from the waiting list. (Bathroom breaks inside the ISYY office are naturally allowed while waiting!) The queue is formed in the morning in front of Lukema according to the waiting list before the office opens at 8 am.

More detailed information about the event can be found from the ISYY.fi -event page linked below.

Kide.app, opens in a new tab: Savo-Karjala Excursio Kuopio 2023
ISYY.fi, avautuu uuteen välilehteen: Savo-Karjala Excursion Kuopio 2023


Joensuu: Juho Mutanen, Palvelusuunnittelija, Itä-Suomen yliopiston ylioppilaskunta, p. 044 576 8430, juho.mutanen(at)isyy.fi

Kuopio: Remo Saaristo, Järjestöasiantuntija (sijainen), Itä-Suomen yliopiston ylioppilaskunta, toimisto.kuopio(at)isyy.fi, 044 576 8419