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Pivo and Pivo Student Card will be closed down on 4 September 2024

Pivo and Pivo’s student card will be closed down on Sep 4th, 2024. You can use Pivo’s student card normally until 3.9.2024. If you have used Pivo as your student card, please follow instructions written below. As Pivo Student Card can not be used anymore, you can get e.g. Frank’s electronic student card, which is also a free of charge option for ISYY members.

Pivo’s instructions for its users

Pivo has given the following instructions for its users on their website:

“Pivo will be closed down on 4 September 2024. After that, you can no longer log into the app or make payments with it.

If you have used Pivo for payments, do as follows:

  • Approve any payment requests you have received and open expenses in groups no later than 3 September 2024.
  • Take note of the details of any open expenses in groups by 3 September 2024.

If you have used Pivo student card, do as follows:

  • Start using some other student card provided by your student organisation. For additional information about the available options, contact your student organisation, student association or student union.

If you have no open expenses or student card in Pivo, you don’t need to do anything. 

If you are an OP customer, you can use the Siirto payment on OP-mobile and monitor your spending with the My financial balance feature on OP-mobile.”

ISYY’s student card options

As a member of ISYY you can use Frank’s electronic student card or plastic student card. Frank app is a free of charge student card app and a plastic student card can be ordered from Frank’s website. The plastic card costs 25€ (cheapest option) to a student. The plastic card is valid when the term sticker is attached to it. You can get the sticker from the ISYY office. When collecting a sticker for a new card, you must present your ID at the office. 

Read more:

Isyy.fi, opens in a new tab: Student Card and Term Sticker

Pivo.fi, opens in a new tab: Pivo Support: Frequently asked questions

Frank.fi, opens in a new tab: Frank

Further information:

Member Service Specialist (substitute), Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland (ISYY), toimisto.joensuu(at)isyy.fi, tel. +358 44 576 8449