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Savo-Karjala Excursion 2024 Kuopio

29.04.2024 - 29.04.2024 |Kuopio

What would be a better way to begin May Day Celebrations than participating in ISYY's Savo-Karjala Excursion on 29 April 2024! This event of our Student Union's is one of its most known and popular May Day (Vappu) traditions. During the Savo-Karjala Excursion, students tour Eastern Finland (North Savo and North Karelia regions) on buses following a secret route, and enjoy refreshments in different bars and restaurants along the way.

The overall length of the event is about 9 hours, after which we will of course continue the fun at the afterparty. The stops along the route are about 30-40 minutes in length. There will also be a longer lunch break.

Further information on the event will be published nearer to the event date.