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ISYY tips: This is how you’ll make it through your first weeks at University

In the beginning, studying at the University can be little overwhelming, but you can do it with a right attitude and proper gear. We in ISYY (the Student Union of University of Eastern Finland), have picked twelve top tips for you to ease you through your first weeks.

1.) Don’t be worried if you’re a bit nervous, so is everyone else. Most of the new students are as clueless about everything as you are.

2.) Take part in the Orientation week programme. During the Orientation week, you will learn some valuable lessons about the University and University services, about your own faculty and about studying in the University in general.

3.) Take part in your tutor group’s meetings. This way you’ll get to know other students in your own subject field and get some peer support and good advice when you need some.

4.) Remember to register at the University.

5.) Participate in major student events like Kampusrysäys and Kampussuunnistus and other gatherings. You’ll meet students from other subject fields than your own and are able to do some interdisciplinary networking!

6.) Get to know and join your own student organisation. Your student organisation looks out for you and organizes various events for it’s members. In your student organisation you’ll also find new friends and get some benefits. And don’t forget to join your campus’ international student club ESN Joensuu or ESN KISA (Kuopio).

7.) Come to visit our campus offices (Joensuu, Kuopio and Savonlinna) and get the term sticker to your student card to get all the student discounts you are entitled to. Alternatively, you can download Frank’s digital student card to your phone. Remember to pay the Student Union membership fee before ordering or downloading a student card!

8.) From the Student Union office, you’ll also get your very own ISYY calendar! With the help of the calendar you can plan and schedule all your Autumn goings. Also at ISYY offices, you can purchase an outrageously fabulous Straight outta Itä-Suomi canvas bag to carry your studying gear around with you. You can even fit a laptop in it!

9.) Make good use of all the student discounts! These include the right to use the services of the Finnish Student Health Service (FSHS), discounts in student restaurants and lower prices when travelling with VR (Finnish State Railways) or Matkahuolto. Check the list of other student discounts in Frank’s website.

10.) Don’t forget to find something fun to do in your free time, it really boosts your well-being! Find out more about your own campus city’s free time activities and ISYY’s clubs, campus organisations, sections and open positions of trust as a student representative, in ISYY Executive Board and Representative CouncilThe election of the Representative Council for the Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland will be held this Autumn. Representative Council is the highest decision-making body in the Student Union. Advance electronic voting will be held on 30.10.–3.11.2017 and the actual election day is on 8.11.2017. You too can make a difference by voting the best candidate or becoming a candidate yourself! We also organise different kinds of events throughout the year, you are heartily welcome!

11.) Take care of yourself and your well-being, but remember also to have fun! Studentlife can be tough, but according to many, it is also the best time of your life! SYKETTÄ sport services can help you stay fit and in good studying condition. After paying a small fee you can join instructed group classes like pole dancing or body pump, use the gym or reserve sport shifts e.g. for your floorball team.

12.) Remember that ISYY is there for you during your studies. We watch out for you and build a better future for our students. You can always ask for help from our offices, our staff members and our persons elected to a position of trust and we will help you to the best of our ability. Student Union also has two harassment contact persons whom you can contact if you meet any harassment at our University. We also publish monthly our own newspaper, Uljas. From Uljas you can read about various topics and phenomena which concern you as a University student in Eastern Finland. You can also participate in doing the paper yourself by signing up as a volunteer!

Good luck with your studies!

PS: Here you can find a checklist for new UEF students.