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SYL’s General Assembly on 17.–18.11.2017

On the up-coming weekend we will find out if ISYY’s candidate, Lina Munčytė, will be elected to the Board of the National Union of University Students in Finland (SYL) for 2018. The SYL Board will be elected in the General Assembly held on 17.–18.11.2017 in Tampere.

The two-day General Assembly of the National Union of University Students in Finland (SYL) will be held in Tampere University on Friday and Saturday on 17–18 November 2017. The General Assembly wields the highest decision making power in SYL and elects the president and a board of six for the organisation. All 15 Finnish student unions will be represented at the General Assembly.

The elections for the SYL Board will be made on Saturday evening. Three candidates are running for the Chairperson of the Board: Lauri Grünthal (TaiYo), Petteri Heliste (AYY) and Miika Tiainen (TYY). ISYY’s candidate for the SYL Board 2018 is Lina Munčytė, who has been a member of the ISYY Board since 2016. Other candidates according to the information thus far, are Joel Lindqvist (HYY), Ada Saarinen (HYY), Jenny Vaara (OYY), Teemu Vasama (JYY), Petra Laiti (SHS) and Kati Systä (ÅAS). It is possible that there will be other candidates.

ISYY will send its own 27-member delegation to the General Assembly.

If you want to join the General Assembly atmosphere, watch it live via SYL’s YouTube channel and follow SYL’s Facebook. Follow also ISYY’s social media channels during the weekend to find more about the events at the General Assembly.

Social media hashtags for the General Assembly are  #SYLliittari ja #Studentsoffinland.

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