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173 candidates in the Representative Council Elections

Candidates in the Elections of the Council of Representatives for the Student Union (ISYY) have been published. This year, the elections have altogether 173 candidates and 13 lists of candidates. The number of candidates is greater than in last elections in 2013 when there were 141 candidates. The lists of candidates have been published on ISYY’s web page.

The list with the highest number of candidates is Demariopiskelijat with 24 candidates. New lists of candidates include Kylterit with 17 candidates, Opiskelijan ISYY with 14 candidates,  DeeKu with 12 candidates, Tombolo with 5 candidates, and International Students with one candidate.

This autumn’s elections are the fourth elections in ISYY’s history. Advance voting takes place on 21.10.–23.10. and  26.–29.10. and the actual election days are 3.−4.11.2015. Elected people form the highest decision-making organ in the Student Union which serves the members and acts as a link and supervisor of their interests. The Council of Representatives has 39 members.

All members of the student union who have registered present at the university before 14.10. are eligible voters. Voters will receive a personal link by email before the advance election starts. The voting is done electronically via the link.

The lists of candidates and their numbers of candidates:
DeeKu:  (independent) 12
Demariopiskelijat: 24
Fortis:  (independent) 10
International Students (independent) 1
Itä-Suomen Vihreä Vasemmisto: 23
Keskeiset: 23
Kylterit: (independent) 17
Oikeat: 16
Opiskelijan ISYY:  (independent) 14
Perussuomalainen lista: 2
Puolueettomat:  (independent) 14
Tombolo: (independent) 5
Vihreä lista: 12

More information:
Anu Arosanervo
Chairperson of the Central Election Committee
p. 040 7271 357, evpj2@isyy.fi

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