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#ISYYnkädestä ISYY is participating in the Blood Service’s Finland 100 challenge

The Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland (ISYY) joins the Finland 100 challenge of the Blood Service. In other words, ISYY donates!

In honour of the 100th anniversary of Finland’s independence, Blood Service challenges companies, organisations, educational institutions, sport teams and other groups to set up a BloodGroup and donate a total of 10,000 bags of blood in 2017.

We challenge YOU to join our BloodGroup “Itä-Suomen yliopiston ylioppilaskunta” or to set up your own BloodGroup!

Basic instructions:
– You can donate anywhere in Finland
– Suitable donating group is approximately 4–6 persons. Book an appointment for groups beforehand tel. 029 300 1172.
– The Blood Service can also pay for a taxi ride to the Blood Service office for donating groups with four persons or more (if the distance is 2–20 km). Contact the Blood Service office in Kuopio tel 029 300 1172 and discuss about your specific donating time and the taxi rides.
– You can also go donating just by yourself!
– Tell that you are donating in the name of “Itä-Suomen yliopiston ylioppilaskunta”
– Students get an overall badge in case there are some left in the Blood Service offices!

Share on social media: Use hashtags #ISYYluovuttaa #ISYYnkädestä #10000kädenojennusta #suomi100

However: The main thing is that you donate!

You can donate in Joensuu

Wed 29.11. at 12–17 Library/Muikkusali (Koskikatu 25, 80100 Joensuu)

Thurs 7.12. at 12–17 Library/Muikkusali (Koskikatu 25, 80100 Joensuu)

You can donate in Kuopio

You can donate in Kuopio during the office hours of the Blood Service. You can book an appointment for donating right NOW!

Office hours:
– Mon and Tue 10–18
– Fri 10–17

Blood Service office of Kuopio
Puijonkatu 23 (Sektori 2nd floor) 70100 Kuopio

You can donate in Savonlinna

Wed 15.11. at 12.30–17.30 Savonlinna/Linnala (Sotilaspojankatu 7, 57100 Savonlinna)

Wed 20.12. at 12.30–17.30 Savonlinna/Linnala (Sotilaspojankatu 7, 57100 Savonlinna)

Active helpers will be rewarded

BloodGroups that have made at least 10 donations in 2017 will be rewarded with Finland 100 diplomas. In addition, every BloodGroup that has donated during the campaign is participating in a draw for film tickets or vouchers entitling to a cruise, a hotel stay or restaurant services. The group that has helped the most will be rewarded with an emergency first aid course organised by the Red Cross.

The campaign belongs to the programme celebrating the centennial of Finland’s independence.

In order for you to be able to donate, you must fill for example the following criteria:

You must:
– have a Finnish personal identity code and an official document to verify it (e.g Kela card)
– have lived at least for the last three months in Finland or some other EU or EFTA state
– be capable of filling in the donor’s health questionnaire in Finnish, Swedish or English, and have a short discussion with the nurse on your state of health
– have an official photo ID with you

Check out the other criteria for donating at the Blood Service website.

More information:

Questions on blood donation? Call the Blood Services free info 0800 0 5801 (Mon-Fri 8 – 17).

ISYY’s BloodGroup on Facebook
ISYY:n kädestä: Veripalvelun Suomi 100-haaste Facebook event
Blood Service: Rules of the campaign (in Finnish)
Blood Service: Check also all the other donating places in Finland
Blood Service: Additional information on the campaign and setting up a BloodGroup (in Finnish)