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Statement: Student organisations’ and the Student Union’s mutual statement concerning University’s pay parking

University’s parking spaces are becoming subject to a charge from the beginning of autumn. We, the undersigned student associations, want to still appeal to the University so that it would consider alternative measures to respond the challenges that the University uses to justify its decision.

In accordance with the information we have received, purpose of the pay parking is to reduce parking at the University’s parking areas by people coming outside from University community as an answer to the alterations of city plans, and to support the use of public transport instead of the use one’s own car as more environmentally friendly option. However, it has to be noticed that making parking subject to a charge does not prevent the people from outside University community to park at the University’s parking spaces, even if it does make this action less inviting. Therefore it would be more efficient to answer this problem by making the parking licensed. For the part of problems concerning environmentally friendly transportation and use of public transport, probably the most essential problem is that the public transport networks of campus cities cannot be deemed extensive and efficient enough. In many cases the use of one’s own car is a necessity for functional everyday life.

Considering equality, the planned pay parking has to be deemed at least problematic. It is not acceptable to reduce the prerequisites of especially the students with families or the ones living further to participate in activities at the campus, mainly teaching, like this. It seems unreasonable that for a student, for whom the use of one’s own car is inevitable necessity regarding the requirements of practical everyday life, the unavoidable visits at campus become thus an additional financial burden.

These sorts of expenses will cause a challenge for student’s finances in any case.  Person who is working at the University can probably afford to pay constant parking fees – even if it is frustrating – but for a student, every euro is away from filling the basic needs, for example the money that is used for food. It may be easy to think that if a person cannot afford parking, it is reasonable for them to give up driving. However, this is not always an option as mentioned above, so it is not desirable to increase the expenses caused by necessary use of one’s own car like this.

In case the University sticks to its plan to make the parking subject to a charge, the implementation and effects of this change have to be monitored and reported. Also we, the student associations, want to hear how the aims set for this change have been reached. In addition, it should appear on the reports that will be made, what kinds of financial effects the change has caused, what the utilisation rate of the parking spaces has been like and in what proportion the parking needs of staff members have tied the parking spaces.


In Joensuu and Kuopio on the 11th of June 2018
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The Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland, ISYY


Additional information is given by:

Saara Tenhovuori
Chair of the Section for Advocacy in Joensuu
The Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland, ISYY


Juuso Sikiö
Chairperson of the Executive Board
The Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland
+358 44 576 8400