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Decisions of the Representative Council

Representative Council decided in its meeting on 10.5.2017 that ISYY will establish a new post, under the title Producer, to replace the post of the campus editor of Uljas.

Representative Council also decided this: Uljas, as of now, is not ready to be moved online in its entirety. The Uljas website will be developed to become Uljas Media – a multimedia platform built on the basis of the vision for Uljas. During the next four years, Uljas Media will be developed as the most important content for Uljas, and the paper magazine will continue to be published as it is now until the year 2019. From the year 2019 on the paper magazine will be published 6 times in the year 2019,  3 times in the year 2020 and one (1) magazine in the spring of 2021.

There will be a night school that is held annually where the development of Uljas Media is to be reviewed. After the summer of 2021, Uljas will no longer publish the print version or the digital version of it, and the only platform for content will be the Uljas Media as set out by the vision for Uljas.