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Announcement Concerning ISYY Representative Council Meeting on the 8th of April 2021

In the The Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland’s (ISYY) Representative Council Meeting held on the 8th of April, 2021, a member of the Representative Council, who had the floor, participated in the meeting in a way that a swastika flag was visible in the background. The Chairperson of the Representative Council immediately intervened on this action. Video feed to the member in question was severed immediately. 

ISYY is taking this case seriously and has undertaken concrete measures together with the University of Eastern Finland. ISYY does not tolerate hate speech or threatening behavior and withdraws from the actions of the member of the Representative Council.

“This kind of behaviour is in stark contrast with the values of the University of Eastern Finland, and the Student Union. We will go over this incident with the person in question, and necessary measures will be taken,” Rector Jukka Mönkkönen says.

Due to this case, ISYY will examine its own meeting practices and emphasize its policy on safe space in order to make participating in meetings safe and accessible.

More Information:

Ella Partanen, Chairperson of the Representative Council, The Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland, epj@isyy.fi, tel. 040 5088123

Sanna Heinonen, Secretary General, The Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland, paasihteeri@isyy.fi, puh. 044 576 8417