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ISYY's Wappu-Broadcast 2021!

Wappu can’t be stopped, not even by corona! ISYY is back with another chance to participate in the vappu-spirit and general party-atmosphere online via ISYY Wappu-broadcast!

ISYY Wappu-broadcast guarantees all students and anyone else interested a chance to follow live-broadcasts, prerecorded programs and participate in studio shows during vappu week from April 26th ‘till 1st of May.

This year our program is divided into two segments:

  • Audio broadcast between April 26th and 29th, 14-21 every day, and
  • Video broadcast on April 30th between 12-21 and 1st of May between 12-17.

Throughout the Wappu-broadcast you can follow us through a link available on ISYY webpage from April 26th onwards.

But that’s not all, because now you have a chance to practice your radio voice or share your epic videos for everyone! Gather up your friend group, student association, club or come as you are and participate in the making of Wappu-broadcast 2021! Also, if you heard about this event from a friend, even if you’re not a student, and you’ve always dreamt of making a podcast, streaming games or posting vlogs about any subject imaginable, now is the time! At the end of this post you can find links to form where you can submit your material or reserve a timeslot for yourself.

Submissions checklist:

Link to the application form (material submissions within):

Google Forms, link opens in a new tab: Wappu-broadcast application form 

  • Submission length: 15 min - 2 h (If your student association or club wants to submit a shorter, recurring ad, please contact us directly!)
  • Submission guidelines: As long as you follow ISYY’s Equality Plan you’re free to submit almost anything. We will check all submissions before publishing them.

Technical requirements:


  • 15 min, 30 min, 45 min, 60 min, 90 min or 120 min
  • copyright cleared music (in Finland) or copyright free music or commercially licenced music available under ISYY Gramex licence: https://shop.gramex.fi/search


  • Landscape orientation 16:9 preferred
  • Preferred height: 1080p
  • Preferably MP4, MOV or AVI. 
  • copyright cleared music (in Finland) or copyright free music or youtube music library:

Link to the copyright cleared music, opens in a new tab: Music library

Live broadcast:

  • We’ll use Discord for direct broadcasting, but if you are experienced and want to use some other platform, please contact us. 

Name your material like this: vappu_programname_yourname.format

Submission deadlines:

  • For audio programs to be broadcast between April 26th and 29th - April 23rd
  • For video programs to be broadcast between April 30th and May 1st - April 26th

These deadlines are in effect to ensure that we have time to inspect and edit the material for the broadcast. You can deliver material after the dates, but but we cannot guarantee sufficient time window for later delivered content.

Tips for making your program:

  • Make sure, that your sound quality as as good as it can be. Even in videos, the sound quality is the most important factor in the quality of the program, so it’s worth doing well. Many modern smartphones have surprisignly good microphones, as long as there isn’t too much ambient noise. If necessary, you can borrow a microphone from ISYY. 
  • Use for example Open Broadcaster Software or a similar recording software if you want to create your program online with your friends or sharing your own screen.
  • ISYY won’t edit your program except in special cases, so make sure that you have edited your program so that you are happy with it and that it more or less fits the given time limits.
  • You can also make a multi part program, if you so please!

Guidelines for Vappu-greeting:

Student associations, clubs, and other interested individuals and groups: send us your Vappu-themed greeting (picture, video, or audio) and we will broadcast them on 1st of May through for everyone to enjoy!

  • Video or audio length max. 2 min, further requirements as above
  • High-resolution pictures in landscape orientation
  • Send your greeting to us by April 26th

Material submissions, opens in a new tab: Material submissions

Name your material like this: vappugreeting_senders/organisationsname.format 
NB! Traditional greeting by Kuopio’s student associations will be included in this section!

More Information:

Juuso Myller, Organisations and Clubs (Joensuu), Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland, juuso.myller(at)isyy.fi, tel. +358 44 576 8402

Jimi Viita-aho, Recreation, Digitalisation and Communication Platforms (Kuopio), Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland,
jimi.viita-aho(at)isyy.fi, tel. +358 44 576 8407