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Savo-Karjala excursion virtual buses are here again 29.4.2021!

Savo-Karjala excursion is one of the most well known and popular vappu-traditions in ISYY, organized on April 29th as per tradition. And this year will be no different! Savo-Karjala excursion 2021 will take place in your very own home on 29th April at 17-21, not forgetting the classic vappu-excursion atmosphere! 

During the excursion you will partake in a virtual tour through our secret route, but we can tell you a little secret. For the first time, pit stops in other destinations will be outside of the Finnish borders!

So how is this possible?

Our “buses” will be online chatrooms, where you can reserve your seat as you sign up. On the bus you are free to hang out with fellow excursionees as per usual and enjoy the scenic routes! There will be multiple stops en route, allowing for pit stops, leg stretching and refilling of your drinks.

Therefore, to ensure true excursion atmosphere, we recommend you to designate a special “bus-zone” in wherever you’re taking part in this event. You shouldn’t get up from your zone while the bus is moving. Following this principle you can also designate yourself an area that acts as the bar for the many pub stops along the way. So get cozy on your couch, grab some snacks and drinks and have your bar be your refrigerator. And best of all, no worries about long toilet queues!

We will have several buses both for Joensuu and Kuopio and also one alumni-bus will be hitting the roads!

The total traveling time is about 4 hours (from 17 to 21), and the exact timetable shall unravel during the trip. After the excursion you’re welcome to join the online-after-party in Discord! The after party is open for anyone, and the link will be available here later.

If you wish the excursion to have some special music, feel free to deliver your hit-lists to us via Wappu-Show electronic form.

Signing up for excursion

So whatchu waiting for, get in! Sign up for this epic online excursion opens on April 9th at 12 o'clock and closes April 23rd at 23:55, and there are 20 places per each bus. Sign up through kide.app, link below! I you wish you can sign up also by contacting ISYY's Specialist for Organisational Affairs.

Note that signing up for this excursion is completely free! If you want the latest Savo-Karjala excursion overall patch as a memorandum of this epic road-trip, the price will be 3€. If you want the patch to be delivered to you by mail, please choose the option with the delivery by mail, which costs 5€. The overall patch is a limited edition, so be quick if you desire one! 

Before the actual event day we will inform all participants on how to prepare for the experience. Buckle up and floor it!

#savokarjalaexcu #ISYYetävappu

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Kide.App: Savo-Karjala excursion 2021

More information:

Jimi Viita-aho, Board Member, The Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland, tel. +358 44 576 8407, jimi.viita-aho(at)isyy.fi

Ada Hyytiäinen, Specialist for Organisational Affairs, The Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland, tel. +358 44 576 8419, jarjestoasiantuntija(at)isyy.fi