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Student! The Municipal elections are approaching quickly!

As a student the municipal election might feel like a distant thing. In reality, many things affecting students’ daily life are decided on the municipal level. By voting in the municipal election, you can for example have an impact on the environmental policies, public transportation or cultural and sports activities in your municipality.

What would you like to have an impact on? What do you want to ask from the participants of the municipal election panel? You can submit your questions for the Kuopio or Joensuu panelists via the link below.

Link to the form for submitting a question to the students' municipal election panel, opens in a new tab: Link to the form 

  • The candidates will be confirmed on friday 14.5.
  • The Joensuun students’ municipal election panel will be held on  tuesday 18.5. and the Kuopio  students’ municipal election panel on wednesday 19.5.
  • Voting in advance from abroad is possible 2.-5.6.
  • Voting in advance from Finland is possible 26.5.- 8.6.
  • The official election day is sunday 13.6.2021.