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ISYY lobbying tour to contact all Savo-Karjala Members of Parliament

ISYY’s Executive Board member Matti Nivala, who is responsible for the Social politics and Student Tutoring sectors, is in the midst of a lobbying tour. He is contacting all Members of Parliament from the Savo-Karjala area to discuss the forthcoming cuts to student grants and the future of the FSHS. On Tuesday the 23rd he met with MP Markku Eestilä from Kokoomus.

Nivala is taking ISYY’S message of opposing the loan based student grant system to the MP’s. If the cuts are to be carried out as planned attention must be paid especially to the wellbeing of students and the flexibility of studies. ISYY opposes the loan based system also for the potential threat of hereditary education where only the children of well off families could affort education.

Eestilä shares the concern for equal access to education. He also feels students’ mental health should be emphasized and in that the FSHS plays an incremental part. He states that Kokoomus thinks FSHS services should also cover students studying in universities of applied sciences.

“The meeting was very productive and we both received new information. We would like to thank MP Eestilä for his interest in student affairs and for taking the time to meet us”, Nivala states.

“We are doing this to get the students’ voices heard and to make these questions concrete”, he summarizes.