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Savonlinna Sports Afternoon 7.10.

The Sports Afternoon is a biannual event organised by the Student Union. The purpose of the Sports Afternoon is to give our students an opportunity to try new sports for a very affordable price (or for free) and to get everyone moving at least for one afternoon per semester. There will be no teaching after 12.15pm so everyone is able to take part – and we recommend you do! There is a great choice of activities, the list of which is below. Once you have chosen what you would like to do, please remember to book yourself a place (instructions on how to book next to each activity description).

All students are insuranced by OLL (the Finnish Student Sports Federation).

Lady Line Savonlinna
What: Instructed group classes and free use of gym
When: On 7.10.
at 12:05 Venyttely/Kehonhuolto
at 16:00 RVP
at 16:35 LadyIISEE (sisäpyöräily30min)
at 16:35 LadyTrim30′
at 17:10 LadyGirya (kahvakuula)
at 17:50 SH’BAM
at 17:50 LadySpin45′
Gym open at 12:00-18:00
Pre-registration: no

Kristalli Sport

What: Students can participate in guided group sport classes.
at 11:00-11:45 Spinning /Eero Piironen
at 11:00-11:45 Kettlebell /Tero Vänttinen
at 12:15-13:00 SH´BAM /Heli Lehikoinen
at 13:15-14:00 Spinning /Eero Piironen
at 13:15-14:00 BodyPump /Tero Vänttinen
Pre-registration: ISYY office (starts Tuesday 16.9)
Where: Kristalli Sport Savonlinna, Olavinkatu 54

Gym 42

What: Introduce to the fitness and gym training in small groups. There is also opportunity to meet a personal trainer. The group will meet a total of three times and each times there is different theme.
When: The group will meet three times, 7.10, 14.10 and 21.10. Group 1 at 14:30, Group 2 at 15:15 and Group 3 at 16:00.
Pre-registration: ISYY office (starts Tuesday 16.9)
Where: Gym 42, Pappilankatu 3

Kympit opet!

What: Kympin opet! – Is a 10-kilometer-long way, which is possible to get around by walking or running.
Event date: Tuesday 7 of October 2014
Start: 15:00
Distance: about 10 km
Pre-registration: No
Start and finish: Sportsground of Heikinpohja.
Course: The way goes around the beautiful scenery of Savolinna city centre.


What: The Dance Class with experimenting with a variety of dance styles.
When: at 17:00
Pre-registration: No
Where: Savonlinnan normaalikoulu (Savonlinna normal school)

Volleyball + teknik practice

What: Volleyball teaching and playing. You do not need previous experience!
When: at 18:00
Where: Savonlinnan normaalikoulu
Pre-registration: No


What: Bowling
When: at 15:00
Where: Bowling centre of Savonlinna, Olavinkatu 15
Pre-registration: ISYY office (starts Tuesday 16.9)