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Selections for the Uitettava proffa, Siskotyttö and Velj’mies of 2018

Elina Kilponen and Paavo Kyyrönen were selected as Siskotyttö and Velj’mies of 2018. They have both operated for a long time in the Student Union, as well as among their own student organisations. This year the Uitettava proffa, the Professor who gets dipped in the pool, was Doctor and Professor of Social Sciences Pertti Töttö. Töttö was the 45th Uitettava proffa to get selected and dipped.

The Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland (ISYY) selects every year Siskotyttö and Velj’mies, who have made significant and distinguished work in the Student Union. They have the special honorary task to give the Velj’mies statue a Finnish student cap on the May Day’s eve at the Student Union’s pool event at Kuopio market square.

This year’s Siskotyttö Elina Kilponen has had a great contribution in improving the student community in Kuopio. In 2016 Kilponen operated in ISYY’s Executive Board as the 2nd Vice Chairperson, Chair of the Kuopio Campus board and Responsible for the Communications. Kilponen was then the only member of the Executive Board to operate in Kuopio, but despite of the great responsibility and a lot of duties, she managed to progress in her studies at the same time. Kilponen has operated also in the Board of the social sciences’ student organisation Socius ry as a Secretary and Responsible for the Communications in 2014, and as a Responsible for the Communications in 2015. In addition, Kilponen has also been a tutor.

Paavo Kyyrönen, the Velj’mies of 2018, has had many positions of trust in various different organisations. Kyyrönen was the Student Union’s Chair of the Section for Student Organisation and a member of the Camps Board in 2015, Chair of the Section for Recreation and Vice Chairperson of the Campus Board in 2016 and for two terms of office, a member of the Representative Council, where he operated also as the 2nd Vice Chairperson in 2017. During 2014–2015, Kyyrönen operated as an ambassador in the UEF-lähettiläät activity. In addition to these, Kyyrönen has worked for four terms of office in the Computing’s Student Organisation Serveri ry and he is also an active founding member of three Student Union’s clubs.

It is also a tradition to select the so called Uitettava proffa and dip that professor in the pool on the May Day’s eve. Professors have been dipped at the Student Union’s pool event at Kuopio market square since 1974. This event is unique in Finland and even internationally, as Kuopio is the only place where the professors get dipped in the pool.

Pertti Töttö, who was selected as the Uitettava proffa this year, has made a long career among the research methods and for almost the last 20 years he has worked in Kuopio. Töttö started at the Kuopio University in 2000, where he operated as a Professor in the Department of Social Work and Social Pedagogy. As the Universities of Kuopio and Joensuu merged into the University of Eastern Finland in 2010, he started to work as a Professor in the Faculty of Social Sciences and Business Studies. Töttö’s teaching methods are very popular and he is deemed a well-liked and personal lecturer.

Additional information:

Heidi Hämäläinen, the Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland (ISYY), 1st Vice Chairperson of the Executive Board and the Chair of the Kuopio Campus board, tel. 044 576 8404, kampuspj.kuopio@isyy.fi