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Smiles and Complaints Week’s feedback: Joensuu Amica restaurants

During the Smiles and Complaints Week on 3.–9.10.2016, students gave feedback for example to Joensuu’s Amica restaurants.

The Student Union (ISYY) has reviewed the feedback and discussed about it together with Joensuu’s Amica restaurants in order to see how the feedback could be taken into account on the restaurants’ operations.

Long queues, vegan and gluten free food 

One matter which stood out in the feedback of Smiles and Complaints Week, were the long queues and traffic at Joensuu student restaurants. In the near future, there are no plans of adding the number of student restaurants, but ISYY and Amica are trying to find out, if it is possible to tackle the problem by, for example, changing the lecture timetables somehow.

Amica has also experienced problems in gaining information on lecture sizes. This has make it harder for Amica to estimate the need of restaurant staff and the amount of food. The staff will aim at increasing co-operation with the University in order to avoid these problems in the future.

Vegan and gluten free food also received feedback. Students hoped, for example, that there would be more vegan food options. ISYY and Amica also discussed about other matters related to vegan food, such as nutritional values.

Theme weeks coming up

When ISYY and Amica reviewed the feedback given, an idea about continental theme weeks popped up. International students would be a great asset in organising the theme weeks, and they could also share information about their own countries’ food and culture.

ISYY and Amica will continue planning the theme weeks.

Smiles and thanks

Joensuu Amica restaurants also got many smiles and thank you -notes. For example, restaurant staff and customer service was highly appraised.

In addition food, especially vegan food, got many thanks from students.

More information:

Matti Nivala, Member of the Executive Board of ISYY, in charge of Social politics and Student Tutoring, matti.nivala@isyy.fi, tel. +358 44 5768404