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SYKETTÄ Appro 2018

SYKETTÄ Appro is a sports appro organized by the Student Union of University of Eastern Finland (ISYY) for university students in Joensuu and Kuopio. SYKETTÄ Appro will be held on weeks 36-37 (Sept. 3th-16th) as a part of free try out week of the SYKETTÄ sport services.

The basic idea of SYKETTÄ Appro is that the participants pick up the appro passport and collect marknings from the sport events they have taken part in. Each sport performance is worth of one markning. The participants who return their passport take part in a lottery to win prizes (heart rate monitor, gift cards) and get a cloth badge equivalent to their performance: 2-3 marknings to bronze, 4-6 marknings to silver, 7-9 marknings to gold and over 10 marknings to diamond.

Appro passports are given at the campus offices between Aug. 27th and Sept. 14th within the limits of office hours. There is a limited number of appro passports and cloth badges in every campus so be quick!

Joensuu programme
Kuopio programme

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