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SYKETTÄ proudly presents: The new Sports calendars for autumn 2016!

1) SYKETTÄ is full of energy, good spirit and new experiences!

We proudly present you our sports calendars for next autumn 2016. They have been published just today! Did you know that you can use all SYKETTÄ services in any campus with just one sports fee.

Joensuu sports calendar can be found here: https://xn--sykett-gua.fi/joensuu/offerings/
Some classes (courses, ball sports turns, regular turns) will be added into calendar before September.

Kuopio sports calendar can be found here: https://sykettä.fi/kuopio/en/offerings/

Savonlinna sports calendar will be published on 18.8.: https://xn--sykett-gua.fi/savonlinna/offerings/

2) ABC for new SYKETTÄ-movers

This is how you start to use all the SYKETTÄ -sport services:
A) Register as a user in your own campus https://xn--sykett-gua.fi/kuopio/en/
B) Purchase a sports sticker
C) Enroll for classes via our web pages sports calendar

Sports sticker prices and selling places are found from Sykettä website. Enjoy the service!

3) Get to know and fall in love! Free sport weeks 5. – 18.9.2016

Get to know all our services free of charge! What you need to do is:

1) New Mover: Register as a user www.sykettä.fi (you don’t need to pay when registering)
2) Enroll for classes FREE OF CHARGE

Beginning 19.9.2016 all movers must have a valid sports sticker in your student or staff card.

Contact info for SYKETTÄ-team:

Joensuu: https://xn--sykett-gua.fi/joensuu/contact/
Kuopio: https://xn--sykett-gua.fi/kuopio/contact/
Savonlinna: https://xn--sykett-gua.fi/savonlinna/contact/

Have lot of SYKETTÄ in your autumn! :)