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ISYY clubs in Joensuu

African Students Association – ASA

ASA in striving to foster stronger collaboration among African students at UEF and to enable said students contribute to the Finnish society, the ASA was founded to serve as a forum for African students and all other students with interests in African matters.

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ESN Joensuu

ESN Joensuu is a non-profit student organisation part of ESN and ISYY. Our mission is to represent international students and provide opportunities for cultural understanding and self-development under the principle of Students Helping Students. We introduce Finnish culture and lifestyle to international students and give Finnish students an opportunity to gain international experiences by arranging diverse events and activities.

Contact information: esnjoensuu(at)
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ISYY’s MTG-Guild

ISYY’s MTG-Guild: The guild’s idea is to gather everyone interested in Magic: The Gathering to play, share thoughts and network. In spite of the name, people outside of ISYY are also welcome to the guild. The guild will also teach new players. The guild organises meetings where we play different Magic formats both freely and competetively and discuss about Magic. The guild also organises drafts, tournaments and such if needed.

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Joensuun akateeminen väkijuomakerho – JAV

Joensuun akateeminen väkijuomakerho – JAV is a student club that organises events and gatherings for ISYY members in Joensuu. The goal of the club is to familiarise its members with the different ways people get together and spend time in different cultures and countries. The club promotes responsible drinking. JAV events are held at Suvas, in restaurants and bars and occasionally, if the weather is good, outdoors.

Contact information: joensuunavk(at)
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Joensuu Board Gamers

Joensuu Board Gamers is ISYY’s board game club that arranges weekly events where people gather to play boardgames (card games, board games and dice games). Everybody is welcome to join the gaming evenings and attendance is free. Welcome to have fun among board games!

Contact information: markus.wacklin(at)
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Joensuu Debate Society

Joensuu Debate Society organises English-speaking debates at the campus of the UEF. Our goal is to advance our skills in argumentation, speaking, critical thinking, and listening. In addition to this, you can meet a wide range of people, both from Finland and from outside of Finland. Join an interesting and useful activity, all you need is an open mind.

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Joensuu MUN Society

Joensuu MUN Society is a Model United Nations club at the UEF. We will hold English spoken debates in accordance to the MUN format. MUN is a simulation of the real United Nations. This means that each person will be representing a UN country after which we will debate globally important issues. Our goal is to improve you public speaking, critical thinking, negotiating and argumentation skills.

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JOOJAKU (ヨーヤク) is located at Joensuu Campus, University of Eastern Finland. We gather for club activities every Wednesday 16.00 - 20.00 at ISYY clubroom for activities concerning Japanese language and culture, such as japanese games, movies, origami and calligraphy. JOOJAKU organizes occasionally cooking nights and other small events. Participating in club activities is free and open to all those, who are interested in Japanese culture and language.

Contact information:  joojaku(at)
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Literary arts club LUOMIO!

Literary arts club LUOMIO! is an interdisciplinary, warm-hearted, literary arts club. The activities are based on the members’ wishes and it covers all types of literary arts. Activities include book discussions, feedback circles and creative writing exercises among other things. LUOMIO! also organises cultural events for its members. LUOMIO! gathers on Mondays of even weeks at 18-20 at Haltia building. LUOMIO! Warmly welcomes all the new and old members to talk about literature and to find new inspiration to writing!

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