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ISYY’s Vappu in Kuopio 2024

Mon Apr 08 08:30:00 2024

The highlight of the whole academic year, Vappu (May Day), will bring life to Kuopio by introducing a variety of events organised by ISYY, student associations and clubs. 

Traditionally the students’ Vappu celebrations begin as early as in the middle of April and will culminate in the Vappu Eve and its traditions. Vappu Eve Traditions organised by the Student Union include the Rite of the Scholastic Passage that will be performed on campus and the Pool Event at the Kuopio Market Place.

The Rite of the Scholastic Passage is counted among the most long-standing traditions in the academic history of Kuopio as well as among the most unique May Day celebrations in the entire nation. The Rite is organised in the big auditorium of Snellmania at 2 pm. Afterwards, the initiated are granted an authentic KYY ribbon for their graduation caps as recognition of their achievement in pursuing higher knowledge. Below you can find a link to the registration.

At the Pool Event we will hear speeches of the Student Union and Student Associations, we’ll wash and cap the Velj’mies statue and immerse the Professor. There has also been a tradition to name two persons as a Velj’mies and Siskotyttö of the year, who will have the Honorary task to cap the Velj’mies statue.

This year we have decided to change the naming, since the names Velj’mies and Siskotyttö does not make it possible to take diversity into account. The new name of the two student actives, who will have the honorary task is Kunniankantajat (‘carriers of the Honor’).

Check out the schedule of ISYY’s Vappu Events in Kuopio and join the biggest student celebration of the year. 

Schedule of the Vappu Eve 30th April

Events at the Campus

  • at 1 pm Cleaning of the Tooth at Studentia (organised by Dentina ry)
  • at 2 pm Rite of the Scholastic Passage, SN100 (organised by ISYY’s Wihkimysylimystö)

Pool event at the Kuopio Market Square

  • at 5:30 pm Student associations’ greetings
  • at 5:45 Cleaning of the Velj’mies statue
  • at 5:55pm Announcing two of the ‘Kunniankantaja’
  • at 6:05 Capping of the Velj’mies statue
  • at 6:20 Speech by Mirka Nieminen, the Chairperson of the ISYY Board
  • at 6:25 Immersing of the Professor

Day before the Vappu Eve, 29th April, ISYY is organising the famous Savo-Karjala Excursion that will be happening at the same time on both campuses. From Kuopio campus 9 buses in total will begin their route from the campus to the Savo-Karelian Region.

This year we have composed a list of the Student Vappu Events in both campuses to our event calendar. From the Student Vappu in Kuopio 2024 -page you’ll find information about the Vappu Events organised by ISYY, Student Associations and Clubs (link below).

We wish everyone a Vappu state of mind!

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Further information:

Mirka Nieminen, Chair of the Board, The Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland, tel. +358 44 576 8400, puheenjohtaja(at)

Eveliina Scharin, Community Coordinator, The Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland, tel. +358 44 491 6529, yk(at)