Representative Council Contact Information

On this page you will find the contact details for the Representative Council Chairpersons, the Chairpersons of the Representative Council Groups and the Representative Council Committees.

Representative Council Chairpersons (2021)


Ella Partanen



puh. +358 44 576 8406


Hey! I am Ella, 27-years old sociology master’s student from Joensuu. I am president of the student union, in other words chair of the representative council.  I am responsible for summoning the council of representatives and chair the meetings.

I want that our student union is a nice place for every student, that every one of our students has a feeling to belong to this community, because ISYY is the student union of all our students. I want that the representative council is a place, where every representative dares to participate to discuss and express their opinions. I want to cherish openness and respect for others.

If you have some questions, please do not hesitate to ask!

Riku Kiviluoto

First Vice Chair



Hello! My name is Riku Kiviluoto and I am a fifth-year applied physics student from Kuopio. This year I am honored to act as the first vice president of the student union representative council.
My goals as the first vice president are to promote the community spirit of the representative council and an open culture of discussion so that each member of the representative council is encouraged to express their own opinion in their own way. I also want to bring ISYY closer to its members for whom the Student Union exists. Feel free to ask me about ISYY’s representative council!

Salli Kosonen

Second Vice Chair



Hi everyone! I’m Salli Kosonen and I’m the Second Vice Chair of the Representative Council of ISYY. I study clinical nutrition at Kuopio campus for a fifth year. On my freetime I like dancing, cooking, going outdoors and getting excited about new things. 

My goal as the Second Vice Chair of the Representative Council is to help make the council work as smooth as possible so we can focus on the important questions to decide. I also wish us to help everyone find their own way to affect matters concerning students’ lives. You can always contact me if you have any ideas or questions about the Representative Council!

Representative Council groups and the Chairpersons of the groups

  • DeeKu: Joonas Pänkäläinen, joonpa(at)uef.student.fi
  • FaBio: Jimi Virkkala, jims(at)student.uef.fi
  • ISYYn demariopiskelijat: Anniina Peltonen, anniipel(at)student.uef.fi
  • Iviva: Mikko Hietala, mikko.hietala93(at)gmail.com
  • Judistit: Jasmin Metwally, jasmime(at)uef.fi
  • Keskeiset: Lassi Oikkonen, lassioik(at)uef.fi
  • Kokoomus: Carita Korhonen, tiiako(at)student.uef.fi
  • Kylterit: Sami Gabbouj, sami.gabbouj(at)uef.fi
  • Opiskelijoiden etu: Marko Koskelo, koskelo2(at)gmail.com / markokos(at)uef.fi
  • Puolueettomat: Aino Olander, aolander(at)student.uef.fi
  • Savilahden Sivistyneet: Aino Hassinen, ainohas(at)student.uef.fi
  • Vihreät: Ella Partanen, ellpa(at)uef.fi

Representative Council Committees and the Chairpersons of the Committees

Rules Committee: Sami Gabbouj, Chairperson, saantovaliokunta.pj(at)isyy.fi

Finances Committee: Aleksi Kinnunen, Chairperson, talousvaliokunta.pj(at)isyy.fi

Environment Committee: Vilma Poutanen, Chairperson, wilmapou(at)student.uef.fi