ISYY Executive Board Sectors

The ISYY Executive Board always has the following sectors: Academic Affairs, Social Politics, International Affairs and Recreation. The Chairpersons and ISYY's Secretary General form the Main Sector.

In addition, the Board members may have other sectors they are responsible for. In 2022, these included Communications, Business Relations, Employment, Environment and Development Cooperation, Freetime and Associations and Clubs Sectors. 

The Main Sector

The ISYY Board’s Chairpersons and the Secretary General form the Main Sector. The Main Sector is responsible for financial and administrative issues and employer responsibilities. It also guides the work of sectors and the Board in general and administers ISYY’s cross-sector projects.

In addition, the Main Sector has a major role in putting ISYY's strategy into practice and planning and implementing ISYY’s action plan and budget. The Main Sector is also often in contact with different stakeholders and media.

In summary, the Main Sector holds the big picture of ISYY’s operations in check, helps where it is needed and assists the work of ISYY Board and staff.    

Academic Affairs

The Academic Affairs Sector aim at promoting the quality of teaching and guidance and making sure that students’ rights will be met in teaching. The sector operates closely with faculties, rectors and other quarters that arrange teaching either directly or via educating student representatives or other trustees.

In addition to influencing the situation of degree students, the Academic Affairs Sector also aims at promoting matters related to university applicants by influencing the selection criteria and quotas.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, teaching arrangements was an important theme in the sector. In 2022, this work has been continued by developing practices of hybrid teaching.

Social Politics

The Social Politics Sector includes issues that are closely related to students and study ability, but which are not directly related to studies. The Social Politics Sector includes, for example, issues related to campus restaurants, student housing, tutoring, accessibility, equality and student health care.

The daily life of the Social Politics Sector consists of various stakeholder meetings and participation in the interest advocacy team and coffee breaks. The Social Politics Sector has also been represented in BRIDGES Project Coordination Group. 

In addition, the board member(s) responsible for social politics organizes annual equality training for student associations . SILLAT

International Affairs

The International Affairs Sector looks after the interests of international students. It aims at promoting internationalisation in Finland. It also aims at furthering the integration of international students in their campus cities by promoting employment after graduation and by co-operating with local operators.

The sector arranges events that increase international students’ sense of communality and supports students associations in including international students as part of their activities.


The Recreation Sector includes event planning in collaboration with other sectors. A big part of it is figuring out ways to increase physical activities in ISYY and in the University. The sector also helps the organization of traditional ISYY events and looks for new enjoyable ideas. For example this year ISYY organised a new 2+3 orienteering event for 2nd and 3rd year students, which was based on a member feedback.


In the Communications Sector you can work in a variety of ways with communication, including producing content for websites and social media, designing communications and creating graphic material. It is possible to take your own interests into account.

The Communications Sector co-operates with all sectors, and through communications it is possible to get acquainted with the activities of many other sectors.

Business Relations

The Business Relations Sector allows you to take part in developing the co-operation between the Student Union and local and national companies.

The Student Union prefers co-operation with companies that support sustainable development.

The Employment Sector

The Employment Sector aims at enhancing students’ working life abilities and including them into studies where possible. In 2022, the sector for example carried out two working life events online. You can find the materials from ISYY's YouTube channel. 

In addition, the sector aims at influencing the University and other stakeholders in order to bring out different kinds of employment possibilities and career paths and encouraging student associations to carry out their own working life based events.

Environment and Development Cooperation

The member of the ISYY Board responsible for the Environment and Development Cooperation Sector works jointly with the Student Union stakeholder parties in order to develop the Student Union’s activities and operation more environmentally and climate friendly.

The work at the Environment Sector includes communications and public relations, designing and holding events and theme weeks, as well as taking part in the environment and development cooperation discussion with the Student Union and the University community.

Organisations and Clubs

Organisations and Clubs Sector focuses on supporting and promoting ISYY’s many clubs, as well as improving and promoting cooperation with student associations together with other sectors. The sector is in charge of organising the ISYY’s student associations’ training for new student association board members.

Both ISYY’s club activities and framework, as well as the student organisation training have went through major changes during the last years, and overseeing the realisation of these changes and implementing further improvements are some of the most important resposibilities in the sector for next year.

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