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Answer the Inquiry of ISYY's Kiosk and Win Yourself Finnkino's Movie Tickets!

The Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland (ISYY) has its own kiosk on Kuopio campus, in the Canthia building. The kiosk’s operations and product range will be developed during this year.

We need your feedback so that the kiosk will best serve all students while studying. We hope you answer our brief inquiry. Any feedback and even crazy ideas are welcome!

By submitting your contact information at the end of the survey you will participate in the raffle of Finnkino movie tickets (2) and small kiosk and ISYY product prizes. The survey is open until 18.2.2020.

Thank you for your time!

Link to the inquiry of ISYY´s kiosk.

More information:

Sanna Heinonen, Secretary General, Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland, tel. 044 576 8417, paasihteeri(at)isyy.fi