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Did You Know That the Municipal Elections Will Be Held in April 2021?

You can influence the affairs of your municipality by voting and standing as a candidate in municipal elections. You can stand as a candidate, even if you have no previous experience in municipal decision-making.

If you want to influence the affairs of your municipality, be sure to present yourself as a candidate by March 9, 2021. You can present yourself as a candidate by contacting any eligible party that will give you follow-up instructions. The actual election day will be held on April 18, 2021.

ISYY is also working to ensure that students' voices are heard in municipal elections during the spring.

ISYY's election themes and goals can be followed during the spring through the Student Union's communication channels. Also, ISYY will organise election panels in both campus cities.

You can read more about the municipal elections on the election’s webpage.

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