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Call for Applicants: Become an Executive Board Member!

Are you ready to spend the best year of your studies? Do you want to gain valuable experience for working life? Are you interested in significant personal growth as you take the role of an employer for one year? What about promoting students’ welfare on a national level? If you answered yes to any of the questions above, apply for the Student Union’s Executive Board for the year 2024. The Executive Board for the year 2024 is selected at the Student Union Representative Council’s meeting on 23.11.2023.

Panel discussion for the applicants

ISYY offers a possibility to attend a panel discussion for the applicants. Panel discussion is held on 13 November 17:00, in N100 on Joensuu campus and in SN200 on Kuopio campus. Recording of the panel discussion will be published on ISYY web page on 14 November, and will be public until the representative council decides on the new executive board for 2024.

Duties of the Executive Board

The Board is responsible for the daily activities of the Student Union together with the employees. In addition to the activities of the sectors, the duties of the Executive Board members are e.g., student advocacy and interest advocacy, representing the Student Union, and being responsible for implementing the action plan.

Remuneration is paid for serving on the Board. Board members are expected to actively engage in Board work.

Apply for ISYY Executive Board

In case you are interested in being a part of the Board, please express your willingness of becoming a Board member by sending a free-form motivation letter and their contact info to tiedotus(at)isyy.fi and paasihteeri(at)isyy.fi no later than on 10.11.2023. Also include a short introduction of yourself and your resume. Both will be published on the Student Union’s web pages for the decision makers and other students to view. Please note that you should not write anything in your application and CV that you do not want to be published. The application period is 27.10.–10.11.2023.

By sending an application, you accept that it will be published on the Student Union’s website. The Representative Council will elect the new Board in their meeting on 23.11.2023. Applications will be removed from the website on 24.11.2023.

Representative groups may negotiate with each other on the election of the Board, so please also provide your own or possibly your representative's / negotiator's contact information in the application.

During the application period, the applications and possible CVs of those who have applied to the Board will be published on ISYY's website on 14 November. Information about the candidates (in Finnish or in English) can be found on ISYY’s website under the section Make an Impact > Become an Executive Board Member.

You can find the link to the panel discussions of the candidates on ISYY's website on 14 November.

Student Union’s Executive Board – What Is It?

The Representative Council elects the Board’s Chairperson, Vice Chair and 4-8 members annually. The Board is the executive body of the Student Union. In recent years, the Board has held approximately 40 meetings per year / meetings weekly, excluding holidays, and actively participates in various working groups. Board is mainly active during weekdays and most activities, such as working groups and meetings, take place between 8 am and 5 pm.

Each member of the Executive Board has a specific area of responsibility and a sector they work with e.g. affairs of social policy, communications, academic affairs or international affairs. As a Board member, you have a chance to influence the activities of the Student Union and determine how the Student Union can evolve. You also have a chance to influence the issues at the university. During the year, the Board members have meetings regularly, travel around Finland cooperating with other Student Unions as well as represent the Student Union in different events, meetings and committees.

All elected Board members are encouraged to attend the orientation on 14.–15.12.2023, so please mark that date on your calendar. In the second week of January, there will be an orientation week.

Read More:

Isyy.fi, opens in new tab: Become an Executive Board Member (Applicants for the ISYY 2024 Executive Board will be published on this site 14 November)

Isyy.fi, opens in new tab: Executive Board

More Information:

Eetu Hyvönen, Chairperson of the Executive Board, the Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland (ISYY), tel. 044 576 8400, puheenjohtaja(at)isyy.fi

Helena Kansanen, Secretary General, the Student Union of the University of Eastern Finland (ISYY), tel. 044 576 8417, paasihteeri(at)isyy.fi